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glee-project-winners.jpgIt’s been a long road, but Oxygen’s “The Glee Project” has come to an end — and despite several sites reporting Samuel as the only winner, he actually shares the prize with Damian. Self-described “hopeless romantic” Samuel Larsen and Irishman Damian McGinty will both be featured in seven episodes of “Glee” in Season 3.

The consolation prizes are pretty good as well. Alex and Lindsay scored… Continue reading 'The Glee Project' winner: Samuel and Damian get 7 episodes of 'Glee'

An assortment of completely different films enter the box office race this weekend, all itching to take down those apes before they rise up to number one again. Critics are already buzzing that Final Destination 5 is the best installment since Final Destination 2, which sounds kinda weird saying, but it’s a horror sequel so you’ll take what you can get. Meanwhile 30 Minutes

Review in a Hurry: From small screen to the big stage, the world’s most famous cover band (aka, the cast of Glee) rocked through season-one staples (“Don’t Stop Believing”) and empowering original songs (“Loser Like Me”). Despite all the drama surrounding the show, it was easy to get… Continue reading Movie Review: Glee: The 3D Concert Movie Completely Warms Our Cynical Hearts. Almost.

LaMarcus Tinker of Friday Night Lights Joins Glee

Lamarcus Tinker

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Will Mercedes finally find love?

With Chord Overstreet now no longer a regular on Glee, the pickings were starting to get slim at William McKinley High School.&#13


Image Credit: Andrew Eccles/Oxygen

This week on Oxygen’s The Glee Project, viewers said goodbye to adorable Hannah McIalwain. The 20-year-old was sent home after doing a last chance performance of Taylor Swift’s “Back to December.”

“It was kinda hard [to watch], like I got a little upset,” says Hannah. “Thank the Lord it was months ago. I’ve had time to kinda get… Continue reading ‘The Glee Project’ Exit Q&A: The eliminated contestant says, ‘I’m so ready to get out there and rock the world’