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2014 Golden Globe Winners (Updated Live)

goldenglobes 2014 Golden Globe Winners (Updated Live)

It’s time for the 2014 Golden Globe Awards! During the show we’ll be updating the winners in real time, so keep refreshing this page to see who won the night’s big awards.

Best Picture, Drama

Captain Phillips




12 Years a Slave


Best Picture, Comedy or Musical

American Hustle


Inside Llewyn Davis


The Wolf of Wall Street


mdc the avengers scarlett johansson Movie News: Scarlett Johanssons Her Voice Ineligible for Golden Globe; Quentin Tarantinos Western; Boxtrolls Trailer

Her: Scarlett Johansson gives an award-worthy performance as the kind, empathetic, loving voice of an operating system with artificial intelligence in Spike Jonze’s upcoming sci-fi movie Her, but the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has deemed her ineligible for any Golden Globe nominations. Johansson is not seen in the film, yet her presence is definitely felt. She is still eligible for Academy Award… Continue reading Movie News: Scarlett Johansson's 'Her' Voice Ineligible for Golden Globe; Quentin Tarantino's Western; 'Boxtrolls' Trailer

January 14, 2013

goldenglobehightlights Watch Highlights From the 70th Golden Globe Awards!We’ve already posted the full list of winners at Sunday’s 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards, but now NBC has also brought online many video highlights from the show that you can watch below! What were your favorite moments from the show, co-hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler?

The 70th Golden Globe Awards were broadcast live from the

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Are you aware that the Golden Globe Awards are happening this weekend? Maybe the Oscar nominations have diverted our attention a bit, but it doesn’t seem like many people are aware. Or, maybe the world is finally ignoring the event? Is it because we’re a misogynistic society and there’s not only a woman nominated for Best Director but there are two women (Tina Fey and Amy

fassbender%20golden%20globes The Conversation: What Did You Think of the 2012 Golden Globe Awards?

As I’ve stated previously, the Golden Globes are a difficult award ceremony to take seriously since the Hollywood Foreign Press Association hasn’t recognized documentaries since 1977. And for other reasons, I suppose. But it’s also a difficult telecast not to watch if you’re interested at all in movie stars, especially in who they’re wearing, and that goes for both the designers of their dresses and the people sitting… Continue reading The Conversation: What Did You Think of the 2012 Golden Globe Awards?