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MJ’s ‘Thriller’ Jacket Could Go For $400k

Millions know the song, have seen the video and even memorized the moves of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” and now the highest bidder can own the … Continue reading MJ's 'Thriller' Jacket Could Go For $400k

We’re expecting (OK, hyperventilating) to see blood-sucking sweethearts Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart at tonight’s MTV soiree. But why wait to… Continue reading Breaking Dawn Trailer: Wedding Invites Go Out, Jacob Freaks Out & a Vamp Bun in the Oven

-Death threats be damned! Selena Gomez must be one helluva hand-holder — She’s reduced the generation’s biggest tween star into a personal foot masseuse, complete with a cap that says [...] Continue reading Weinergate Explodes; Simpson Sisters Go Half On Clothing Line; Young Women A Little Too Knowledgeable About Celebrity Gossip; & More Evening Crunch Crumbs

Britney Spears has revealed behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot of her upcoming music video for ‘I Wanna Go,’ the third single off her ‘Femme… Continue reading Britney Spears Gives Fans Sneak Peek Into 'I Wanna Go' Video

Entertainment radio show is ready to go

The idea started maybe a year ago, and it was not mine. It was Tricia McCrone’s, who referred to a radio show I was hosting on KUNV 91.5-FM called “Our Metropolis” and announced, “I should be your co Continue reading Entertainment radio show is ready to go