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Update: Hop to the bottom of this post for the full Deadpool trailer.

The trailer for a trailer has become the lamest trend in movie marketing. Nobody wants to see a 15 second clip that exists just to tease when you’re going to be able to watch a 90 second clip. That said, Deadpool has just dropped the mic on trailers for… Continue reading Watch: First 'Deadpool' Red Band Trailer Is Gonna Give It To Ya'

Jaws Live Byron Brown

Movie theaters are constantly trying to come up with new tricks to make the theatrical experience special again. The screens keep getting bigger, the sound keeps getting louder, and the dimensions keep getting dimensionier (we’re up to 4D!). Pretty soon theaters will have to integrate some kind of live experience as well, and when they do, we hope they take… Continue reading 'Jaws: Live!' Promises It's Gonna Need a Bigger Stage

Brody Jenner‘s tension with “Stepmonster” Kris has been a driving storyline of this season’s Keeping up with the Kardashians, and on Sunday’s episode, the former hunk of The Hills takes the feud up a notch in his quest to liberate his father — and Kris’s henpecked husband — Bruce Jenner.

In a preview clip of the episode, we see brazen Brody and his brother Brandon going… Continue reading ‘Kris Is Gonna Lose Her Mind,’ Brody Jenner Says, As He Eggs On Dad Bruce In Golf Plot


Image Credit: FX

Tonight brings the end of Sons of Anarchy‘s wild fourth season (FX, 10 p.m. ET), and there’s at least one person who’s happy to see Clay in a hospital bed — Ron Perlman. “It’s the first time I actually felt rested the whole season,” Perlman jokes to EW. “You think it’s easy putting contracts out on all those people?… Continue reading ‘Sons of Anarchy’ season finale preview: ‘Holy s—, there’s no way I’m ever gonna make it out of this.’

You think you’re tired of me hating on Ringer every week? Imagine how I feel. It’s not even that this show is the worst thing I watch—oh, how I wish that were the case. It’s more that I’m frustrated by the series’ persistent mediocrity. Yes, there are twists, and every once in a while they take me by surprise, but for the most part, it’s fake-out after fake-out, clumsy character… Continue reading Rumor Has It Someone's Gonna Die on Ringer; Who Will It Be?