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If Leighton Meester was feeling disappointed that her new movie failed to set the box office alight, then she certainly didn’t show it.. . The … Continue reading Smiling Gossip Girl Leighton Meester keeps box office disappointment under her hat as Country Strong flops

Images Print Story Published: 12/25 1:12 pm Updated: 12/25 1:13 pm . Helena Bonham Carter is delighted her family life with director Tim Burton is … Continue reading Bonham Carter loves bizarre gossip about her life

Taylor’s going ghost. According to Deadline – you’ll be seeing a lot less of Taylor Momsen, 17, when Gossip Girl resumes shooting after holiday break in January. The actress with the goth looks is going on an “indefinite hiatus” from The CW soap after the Nov. 29 episode. Though she’s billed as a series regular, […] Continue reading Taylor Momsen Suspended From Cast Of “Gossip Girl” Indefinitely

Add Swedish singing star Robyn to the list of big names (like Tim Gunn and Karl Lagerfeld) who will be dropping in for cameos on the third season of The CW’s fashion-forward Upper East Side-inspired soap Gossip Girl.The “Show Me Love” hitmaker will appear as herself and perform as a surprise guest at Blair […] Continue reading Robyn “Gossip Girl” Guest Appearance

The life of a celebrity circulates around recognition and money, but all of these benefits have a large amount of negative effect. Celebrity gossip is one of the most common problems of celebrities no Continue reading Effect Of Celebrity Gossip In The Life Of Celebrities