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‘Harry Potter’ Wizard’s Collection: Behind the Scenes With Ruper Grint and Alan Rickman (VIDEO)

Just when it seemed like Potter Heads would be relegated to enjoying the cinematic adventures of the Boy Who Lived only through their memories, Warner Bros. announced the “Harry Potter” Wizard’s Collection. This new home-entertainment set features 31 (yeah that’s right, thirty-one) discs, including eighteen discs for the movies alone. You’ll get DVD, Blu-ray and Ultraviolet Digital copies of all eight films, plus extended editions for “Sorcerer’s Stone” and “The… Continue reading 'Harry Potter' Wizard's Collection: Behind the Scenes With Ruper Grint and Alan Rickman (VIDEO)

Rupert Grint has said that his onscreen kiss with Emma Watson in ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ was ”okay”. “It was actually okay,” People mag quoted Grint, 22, as saying. “It was just the anticipation. Neither of us were looking forward to it.” However, Grint does acknowledge that it may seem a bit unbelievable […] Continue reading Rupert Grint says onscreen kiss with Emma Watson was just ”okay”

Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, who share a steamy snog in the next Harry Potter film, could be relatives from the village of Kilworth, Leics- reveal ancestry experts. Family history researcher Nick Barratt traced the family trees of Emma, 20, and Rupert, 22, and found that more than 200 years ago their families had links […] Continue reading Emma Watson, Rupert Grint could be ‘kissing cousins’

Rupert Grint has revealed that he had trouble doing the low-budget films after working on the ”Harry Potter” movies. The flame-haired actor, who plays wizard Ron Weasley in the long-running series based on the novels of J. K. Rowling, was confused when he worked on British projects ”Cherrybomb” and ”Wild Target” because he had been […] Continue reading Rupert Grint struggled with small film sets after Harry Potter

”Harry Potter” star Rupert Grint has revealed that he only owns one pair of shoes. The actor, who plays Ron Weasley, has admitted that he only ever changes his footwear when they start to disintegrate. “I”ve got one pair of trainers. I”ve got one pair of shoes generally. I find a pair and I just […] Continue reading Rupert Grint only owns one pair of shoes!