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By radio detection and ranging Staff

Kate Gosselin’s son had a narrow escape from what would have been a fatal accident on Thursday when he crawled under her van as she sat behind the wheel.

In startling photos obtained by radio detection and rangingOnline.com, the seven-year-old boy can been seen climbing beneath the family-size van, with his head ending up immediately behind the right front wheel.

“A minivan… Continue reading Kate Gosselin Slammed By Child Safety Group After Her Son Is Seen Playing Under Her Van


By Alexis Tereszcuk, Senior radio detection and ranging Reporter

Kris Jenner is coming under fire for the controversial comments she made Thursday in the wake of the news that her daughter shouldn’t give her engagement ring back after filing for divorce just 72 days after getting married.

The matriarch of the Kardashian family said “I hate an Indian giver,” on Good Morning America when asked if Kris Humphries would want… Continue reading Kris Jenner’s ‘Indian Giver’ Comments Are ‘Hurtful’ Says Native American Group

One of Community‘s strengths has always been the bond between the members of the study group. The band of seven misfits are a grab bag of demographics but the difference in their polarities brought them together to form the Voltron of study groups, a force to be reckoned with when they’re together. It’s their friendship that charms us and it’s the kindness and sacrifices they make for each other that… Continue reading Community: Meet Greendale's Most Exclusive Group of Jerks

Things are really heating up, yo, on The X Factor: Search For a $ 5 Million Superstar Who You’ll Promptly Forget About After the Season Finale! During last night’s episode, a small nation of semi-finalists were subjected to “boot camp,” where a Justice League of superstar-making coaches whipped them into shape. There was Dance Man! And Stylist Girl! Vocal Twins: Activate! The choreography segment was particularly satisfying, because if there’s… Continue reading The X Factor: Group Night Standouts

Now that the main six teenagers of Secret Circle have bound their powers together, the element of teamwork is now completely ingrained in the show’s premise. They can no longer practice magic alone and now must stick together in order to get anything done. It’s an interesting notion, but it raises concerns about the limited nature of TSC‘s magic and whether it will ever get to be as entertaining or… Continue reading The Secret Circle: Group Hex (PHOTO RECAP)