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In the history of bad ideas, this might just be the worst.

A movie theater in Jefferson City, Mo. hired actors to play members of S.H.I.E.L.D., the fictional law enforcement agency in the Marvel Universe. The only problem? One of them walked into a screening of “Iron Man 3” wearing full tactical gear and carrying a gun. According to the local Fox news channel (via Gawker), several moviegoers called 911 thinking… Continue reading Fake Gunman Storms 'Iron Man 3' Screening in Worst Publicity Stunt Ever

The lunatic responsible for the takeover at Discovery Channel Headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland Wednesday has been identified as James Jay Lee, a slightly-disturbed, “Save-The-Planet” zealot with a history of protesting against the Discovery Channel and loitering outside the network’s central offices at Georgia Ave. and Colesville Rd. in suburban Washington. In 2008, Lee [...] Continue reading James Jay Lee Is Discovery Channel Gunman

Oh dear! An ongoing hostage situation at the Discovery Channel Headquarters — One Discovery Place — in Silver Spring, Maryland has the Washington suburbs on high-alert this hazy Hump Day.On Wednesday afternoon, an armed Asian male entered the Discovery Channel’s corporate offices and barricaded himself inside with what is believed to be a hostage. Police [...] Continue reading Discovery Channel Headquarters Hostage Situation! Armed Gunman Barricaded Inside One Discovery Place