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Kim Kardashian can take a breather, because the die-hard cult-like following of Beliebers will soon be directing their death threats elsewhere… It looks like The Biebs has a middle-aged admirer.Justin Bieber got a bit of a shock during a live show at the Maryland State Fair on Sunday when a middle-aged bald guy […] Continue reading Justin Bieber Pranked By Big Guy In A Tiara [VIDEO]

Aflac Duck partners with Guy Fieri

The Aflac Duck’s 51st TV commercial will debut Monday, featuring a guest appearance by a celebrity chef.. . In the 30-second “Spicy” ad, the Aflac … Continue reading Aflac Duck partners with Guy Fieri

Jennifer Aniston plays a mom undergoing artificial insemination in her new flick, ‘The Switch’, to get pregnant. Off screen too, Aniston said that if she were to ever require a sperm donor, she would ”wanna know the guy”. According to The Daily Telegraph, the Friends star revealed this on Jay Leno”s Tonight Show, where she […] Continue reading If I used a sperm donor, I”d want to know the guy, says Aniston

The Old Spice Guy is climbing down from his stallion for a cameo role in Jennifer Aniston’s next box office blockbuster. Comedian Isaiah Mustafa has been tapped to appear alongside the former Friends star and actor Jason Bateman in the upcoming raunchy Warner Bros. comedy, Horrible Bosses.The feature gained headlines last month after Hollywood insiders […] Continue reading Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa Cast Alongside Jennifer Aniston In “Horrible Bosses”

It seems Madonna loves Britain even after splitting with her husband Guy Ritchie, and that’s why she’s directing her new flick ‘W.E.’ there. The pop diva lived in England during her marriage to Guy Ritchie, 41, but moved back to New York when they divorced in 2008. “Guy says she talks about their home in […] Continue reading Madonna ‘loves Britain’, despite Guy Ritchie split