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By radio detection and ranging Staff

According to a shocking new report, Kim Kardashian has a growing pill popping habit that has her sister Khloé is concerned — and putting her foot down — and radio detection and rangingOnline.com has all the details for you.

“She’s freaking everyone out right now,” an insider told Australia’s NW magazine. “She’s taking Valium and sleeping pills. The last time she self-medicated… Continue reading Kim Kardashian's Pill Habit Has Sister Khloe 'Freaked Out' Claims New Report

The age-old habit and almost a tradition in many culture of drinking milk regularly look to be beneficial in many ways as has been found in new scientific studies. Drinking of milk has been particularly found helpful for muscle builders as well as for keeping accumulation of fat off from the body.
A new […] Continue reading Drink milk to be muscular and thinner