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Robotic hand to allow people to hold hands over internet

Specially-designed robotic hands would soon allow friends and family to hold hands over the internet and help them experience the sensation of touch.
It plugs into a computer and communicates with an electronic wristband to allow people talking over the internet to experience the sensation of touch.
Not only can it grip and shake, but also give [...] Continue reading Robotic hand to allow people to hold hands over internet

It turned out that Jennifer Aniston was not the only woman who had some enjoyable time with Gerard Butler in Paris which was actually not so long ago.
Butler who is 40 years old had a private cruise along with Aniston in the Seine a week ago on Saturday. According to Laurie Cholewa, a [...] Continue reading Gerard Butler had a Romantic Date with French TV Host in Paris

Google is set to encourage more people to turn to cyberspace with plans of producing an Internet guide in a leaflet.
The search giant will hand out the information on how to work basic online tasks, such as communicating with friends, and not promote its own services.
“Well, if you”re trying to get people who are not [...] Continue reading Google to hand out Internet guide leaflet

The popular Mr. Clooney, watchful Meryl, a family affair and other Oscar vignettes Her Oscars in hand, Kathryn Bigelow bellied up to the bar at the Governor’s Ball immediately after the Academy Awards, not for a celebratory drink but to have her name placed on her new trophies. Because almost no one knows who has won an Oscar until … Continue reading The popular Mr. Clooney and other Oscar vignettes