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 Sarah Palins Son Track Getting Divorced, Wife Britta Hanson Says Im Fine With It!

WENN/The Palin Family

By Alexis Tereszcuk – Radar Entertainment Editor

More bad news for Sarah Palin – her soon-to-be ex-daughter-in-law Britta Hanson exclusively confirmed to radio detection and rangingOnline.com that she is getting a divorce from her husband of less than two years, Sarah’s son, Track Palin.

“I’m fine with it,” Britta told radio detection and ranging about the end of her short-lived… Continue reading Sarah Palin's Son Track Getting Divorced, Wife Britta Hanson Says 'I'm Fine With It!'

Children of the ’90s will almost certainly remember Hanson. The clean-cut and good-natured trio was made up a group of brothers who tasted music stardom with their hit ‘97 single “MMMBop.” (Hated it!) Well Isaac, 29, Taylor, 27, and Zac Hanson, 24, aren’t exactly flopped-haired blondes anymore. These days, the musicians pass their times [...] Continue reading Hanson Chats About New Album “Shout It Out” On “The TODAY Show”