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Seven Psychopaths

Written and Directed by Oscar-winner Martin McDonagh, the comedy ‘Seven Psychopaths’ follows a struggling screenwriter (Colin… Read More


If you were a fan of the cult crime comedy “In Bruges,” you’re probably already anxiously awaiting the release of “Seven Psychopaths,” the follow-up film from Colin Farrell and writer-director Martin McDonagh. And this time around, they’ve brought along an awesome supporting cast of Christopher Walken… Continue reading 'Seven Psychopaths' Clip: Woody Harrelson Wants His Missing Dog Back (VIDEO)

woody Woody Harrelson on Rampart: I Was So Depressed Over It

Despite his shameless plug during the Golden Globes nominations, Woody Harrleson has had a very complicated relationship with his upcoming gritty cop film, ‘Rampart.’

The film imagines the star as a loose-cannon cop whose brut tactics and thinly-veiled racism land him in some seriously hot water. (No kidding!)

Upon Harrleson’s first viewing of the film he “didn’t like it for a number of reasons,” he explained to The… Continue reading Woody Harrelson on 'Rampart': 'I Was So Depressed Over It'

Woody Harrelson Joins The Hunger Games

Woody Harrelson has just joined the cast of director Gary Ross’ adaptation of the bestselling Suzanne Collins novel, The Hunger Games , according to a story at The Hollywood Reporter .

Targeted for a PG-13 rating, the film is based on the young adult novel and tells the tale of a dystopic future and the annual “Hunger Games,” a fight to the death on live television. Harrelson will play… Continue reading Woody Harrelson Joins The Hunger Games