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Prince Harry, Chelsy work at their long-distance love

The Prince is preparing to fly the most demanding of all attack helicopters, which means he could be back on the frontline by the end of the year… Continue reading Prince Harry, Chelsy work at their long-distance love

Prince Harry + Puppy = Cute Overload!

Prince Harry has a new puppy friend — and we’re ready to hop a plane to the UK and commit a dognapping! This little pooch is soooo cute! Oh, Harry’s not bad either.Prince Harry cradled the eight week old puppy — Veyron — during a visit to the charity Canine Partners Training Center in Midhurst [...] Continue reading Prince Harry + Puppy = Cute Overload!

Emma Watson’s boyfriend has laughed off claims that the ‘Harry Potter’ starlet had organised a cameo for him in the last movie of the family fantasy franchise. George Craig insisted that he”s ‘too cool’ to be part of the family fantasy franchise. It was rumoured that Emma has asked Potter bosses if her new beau [...] Continue reading Emma Watson’s beau ‘too cool’ for ‘Harry Potter’ part

Actress Afshan Azad, who played the role of Padma Patil in ”Harry Potter”, has pleaded for violence charges against her father and brother to be dropped. Azad, 22, is said to be distraught at the thought of them going to jail, and she has made several attempts to retract a statement in which she accused [...] Continue reading ”Beaten” Harry Potter actress ”doesn”t want dad, bro to go to jail”

The father and brother of Harry Potter actress Afshan Azad have been arrested and charged with trying to kill her.The 22-year-old actress — who has played Padma Patil in four of the blockbuster films — was allegedly attacked by her two family members at her home in Manchester last May. The melee began [...] Continue reading Father & Brother Of “Harry Potter” Star Afshan Azad Charged With Her Attempted Murder