Now, a simple DNA test that helps trace your lineage!

You may not need to pore over those ancient albums and family trees to find out who your ancestors were, for a new DNA test that reveals a “historical archive” of where you come from is up for sale. University of Edinburgh researchers found it was possible to detect whether a person”s parents or ancestors

Anne Hathaway Helps Jake Gyllenhaal Dodge Taylor Swift Questions

Ella Enchanted to the rescue! Actress Anne Hathaway helped her Love and Other Drugs co-star Jake Gyllenhaal dodge questions about his alleged romance with Taylor Swift at a weekend press conference in New York. Hathaway and Gyllenhaal, who previously played husband and wife in the 2005 homoerotic drama Brokeback Mountain, were talking to reporters Saturday

Ashton Kutcher Helps Rumer Willis Purchase First Home

It helps to have stepdads in high places.Rumer Willis is now a proud homeowner, thanks to generous stepfather Ashton Kutcher — who is just 11 years Rumer’s senior. An insider tells The National Enquirer: “At first Rumer felt awkward asking Ashton for help. She knows that not all stepdads would be so happy to help out

Fiancee Helps Simon Cowell Hide His “Moobs”

Simon Cowell’s new fiancee is so turned off by the sight of the music mogul’s bulging “man boobs” she’s appointed herself his new wardrobe consultant.Tipsters tell The National Enquirer that the former American Idol judge – – famed for his daily wardrobe of T-shirts and denim trousers — has been forced to take fashion