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Henner devastated by Conaway’s death

Actress Marilu Henner is devastated by the death of her Taxi co-star Jeff Conaway, after visiting the star in the hospital over the past few weeks … Continue reading Henner devastated by Conaway's death

Actress Marilu Henner managed to cross paths with late actor Jeff Conaway often during their shared time in the acting world. Not only did they star together on the hit sitcom Taxi, but they also appeared together on Broadway in Grease (with Conaway playing Danny Zuko, not the role of Kenickie he later made famous  Marilu Henner remembers friend and co star Jeff Conaway

Marilu Henner, the former star of the ’70s sitcom Taxi, wowed America this weekend when she demonstrated her “superior autobiographical memory” on national television. You see, Marilu has the uncanny ability to remember every day of her 58 years of life — a “gift” the actress put to the test with a battery of memory [...] Continue reading Marilu Henner Memory Talent Wows America