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This weekend marks the opening of ‘The Smurfs,’ a film based on the popular Saturday morning cartoon and Belgian comic strip. If you don’t already know, Smurfs are small blue creatures from Smurf Village who often throw the word “smurf” into every sentence. (For example: Moviefone is the best smurfing website on the Internet.)

Hopefully this won’t come as a shock to our Smurf demographic, but Smurfs do not hold a… Continue reading The Best Smurfin' Blue People in Movie History

The craziness that is San Diego Comic-Con will descend upon us in just a few short hours, when a fleet of hardcore fans flock to the west coast for dazzling trailer premieres, celebrity geek-outs and Spider-Men of every shape and size.

While the convention has been in existence since 1970, the hype surrounding SDCC has grown into a monstrous beast over the last decade, thanks to the increasing presence of movies… Continue reading Iron Man, Screaming Fans & Stabbings! The Craziest Moments in Comic-Con History

After he finishes holding court with the ladies on Survivor, Robert “Boston Rob” Mariano will turn his focus to the History Channel to co-host in his own reality show. Together with Dennis Anderson (creator of the monster truck Gravedigger) the duo will host the upcoming series Around the World in 80 Ways, a 10-part series that’ll bow later this year.

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The BBC High Definition Natural History Collection (Planet Earth / Wild China / Galapagos / Ganges) [Blu-ray]

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Planet Earth From the makers of The Blue Planet: Seas of Life, with an unprecedented production budget of million, comes the epic story of life on Earth. Five years in production, over… Continue reading The BBC High Definition Natural History Collection (Planet Earth / Wild China / Galapagos / Ganges) [Blu-ray]

Now this is how you promote a reality show! To market season 2 of the series Swamp People, History is putting alligators in New York City sewers. Playing off the urban legend, the network’s marketing team is placing very realistic looking model alligators crawling out of the city’s manholes in various locations. How would you

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