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The History Channel is pulling the plug on The Kennedys. The station’s parent network — A&E — says it will not air the controversial eight-part miniseries about the American political dynasty that stars Greg Kinnear as the former president and Katie Holmes as First Lady-turned-fashion icon Jackie O. The Kennedys, which cost about $25 million […] Continue reading “The Kennedys” Cancelled By The History Channel

The History Channel will not air a controversial miniseries it produced about the Kennedy family, saying the multimillion project that had become … Continue reading History Network Pulls Plug on Kennedy Project

It’s not always easy for actors to tell which films are going to be a huge success before they’re made. Sometimes a lackluster script meets outrageous talent, stunning visuals, an epic soundtrack, and suddenly you have best-picture winner, Gladiator. Sometimes you have A-list talent and a director famous for churning out critical favorites, but something gets lost along the way and you end up with The Fountain. Continue reading 15 Actors Who Turned Down Great Roles

Susan Boyle’s latest album has set a global record. The eccentric Scot has become the first female artist to simultaneously have a No. 1 album in the US and UK twice in less than a year. SuBo broke the record when newly-released holiday collection, The Gift, arrived at music retailers this month. It means the […] Continue reading Susan Boyle Holiday Album Makes History On US & UK Charts

One thing is for sure – the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton will be the biggest television event in history. The sudden announcement has forced networks to shuffle the schedule, reports the Age. Taking the cue from William”s parents” wedding at London”s St Paul”s Cathedral in 1981, which was witnessed by about […] Continue reading Prince William’s wedding to be ”the biggest TV event in history”