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If you’ve been looking for a second film to headline a double-feature night alongside Miami Connection, you’re going to want to kick in some funds to help finish Kung Fury.

A low-budget throwback to ‘80s action cinema – if your standard ‘80s action film featured a badass kung fu cop going back in time to kill Hitler and ride dinosaurs – David Sandberg’s film looks sure… Continue reading 'Kung Fury' Trailer: Finally, a Movie Starring Hitler, Thor, Robots, Dinosaurs and More

Ever wonder what happened to those who opposed Adolf Hitler before he took power in Germany? Director Robert Schwentke (Red, Flightplan) may soon have an answer for you. He’ll be directing an adaptation of the book “Explaining Hitler,” by Ron Rosenbaum. More specifically the film will cover a chapter called “The Poison Kitchen,” and it will cover the story of a newspaper called Muncher Post… Continue reading 'Red' Director to Help Explain Hitler in 'The Poison Kitchen'

Kirsten Dunst Defends Lars Von Trier's Hitler Comments

Kirsten Dunst walks around the East Village with an iced coffee on Tuesday (May 31) in New York City.

Last month, the 29-year-old actress hit the Cannes Film Festival, where she was named Best Actress for her work in Melancholia.

The film’s director, Lars Von Trier, was thrown out after telling reporters during a press conference that he could… Continue reading Kirsten Dunst Defends Lars Von Trier's Hitler Comments

Filmmaker Oliver Stone has apologized for comments in which he claimed that Jews dominate the media and suggested that Adolph Hitler’s actions during WWII should be put “into context.” In an interview with the Sunday Times of London, Stone compared Hitler to Frankenstein’s monster, reports Entertainment Weekly. “There was also a Dr. Frankenstein. German industrialists, […] Continue reading Oliver Stone’s apology for comments on Hitler, Jews

Bollywood filmmaker Rakesh Ranjan Kumar is making a romantic biopic on Hitler, titled ‘Dear Friend Hitler’.
The film is based on the Nazi ruler’s relationship with his long-term mistress, Eva Braun.
“It will be a romance but not in the typical sense,” the Times quoted Kumar as saying.
He added that the film “aims to capture the personality […] Continue reading Bollywood’s Hitler biopic with Indian twist