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The Westboro Baptist Church is an organization filled with hatred — especially toward homosexuals – so what happens when an LGBT activist goes undercover in the church and spends three days with founder Fred Phelps?

Author Jamie Leo wrote a first-person narrative for Huffington Gay Voices in which he detailed the time he spent with a friend undercover in the Kansas organization 10… Continue reading What Happens When An LGBT Advocate Goes Undercover At The Homophobic Westboro Baptist Church? 

Chris Brown has form when it comes to using homophobic slurs — as the readers of radio detection and rangingOnline.com know all too well.

The R&B singer is a serial offender, having logged a raft of incidents before his arrest in the early hours of Sunday morning when he was charged with felony assault, along with his bodyguard.

Brown and Christopher Hollosy allegedly attacked a man… Continue reading He Has Form: Chris Brown Had Made A Series Of Homophobic Slurs… Before His Arrest On Felony Assault

NBC entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt and 30 Rock star and producer Tina Fey just issued statements reacting to the controversy that’s erupted over Tracy Morgan’s homophobic rant during a Nashville stand-up performance: “I speak for NBC and myself personally when I say we do not condone hate or violence of any kind and I am

-Hide yo’ kids. Hide yo wife: Antoine Dodson Fever is alive and well. New York University’s award-winning acapella group performed the bandanaed viral sensation’s iTunes hit “Bed Intruder” at their fall concert… -Ashton Kutcher is plotting a third television sitcom based on a popular Twitter account! -Emma Watson is single and doesn’t really “understand” men. […] Continue reading Evening Crumbs: Bristol Apologizes For Willow Palin’s Homophobic Rant; “Romeo & Juliet” Headed To ABC; Ochocinco Engaged To “Basketball Wife” Evelyn Lozada?

Justin Bieber is under investigation for assault by police in his native Canada after the swoon-inducing pop star allegedly assaulted a 12-year-old at a Vancouver laser tag arena. According to new reports, the shoving match begin when the alleged victim in the case began hurling homophobic slurs at Bieber. The alleged incident comes on the […] Continue reading Justin Bieber Bullied? Singer Reportedly Victim Of Homophobic Hazing