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 ‘American Horror Story’: Watch a clip from the scary series premiere! — EXCLUSIVE VIDEOEW already gave you a glimpse of the horrifying basement featured in the opening credits for FX’s American Horror Story, premiering Oct. 5 at 10 p.m. Now, we’re taking you back downstairs for this exclusive clip from the premiere. The show is centered on the Harmon family — Ben (Dylan McDermott), Vivian (Connie Britton), and Violet (Taissa Farmiga) — who… Continue reading ‘American Horror Story’: Watch a clip from the scary series premiere! — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Looks like Cam from Modern Family is seeking a little therapy. EW has learned exclusively that Eric Stonestreet, who plays Cameron on ABC’s hit comedy, will be appearing on Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s new FX horror bonanza American Horror Story, which premieres Oct. 5. Stonestreet will appear in a November episode as a patient of Dr. Ben Harmon (Dylan McDermott). The reason for his shrink session? Stonestreet’s… Continue reading ‘American Horror Story’ scoop: Eric Stonestreet from ‘Modern Family’ to play [SPOILER] — EXCLUSIVE

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Heroes and Star Trek star Zachary Quinto is going back to the small screen for a stint on FX’s American Horror Story.

Quinto will play a gay interior designer who used to be the owner of the show’s centerpiece haunted house. The actor will appear in several episodes of the show’s first season.… Continue reading Zachary Quinto joins ‘American Horror Story’

dracula58quad Supreme Horror Scribe Jimmy Sangster Dies at 83

The world of cinematic horror fiction lost a true great yesterday: the wonderfully prolific Jimmy Sangster passed away at the age of 83. The man’s name might not ring any immediate bells, but any true horror fan (especially a British one) could tell you he was the go-to screenwriter for a large portion of the very best Hammer Films. (Hammer Films being a production… Continue reading Supreme Horror Scribe Jimmy Sangster Dies at 83