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Hugh Jackman—the real thunder from Down Under—is one of the most likable actors alive today. An unpretentious family man who could just as easily bench-press a small car as he could sing and dance, Jackman always beefs up any project he’s in. He even did his best to make the Academy Awards worth watching a few years back as its host, which—as James Franco and Anne… Continue reading The Weekend Rent: Jack Up Your Player with Hugh Jackman

Got to love those Brits. Even as he’s meeting with Prime Minister David Cameron about the News of the World scandal, phone hackee Hugh Grant is as charmingly self-deprecating as always. Asked by the Guardian if he’s wasted his life by just now turning political at the age of 51, the actor joked, “You are right. I have squandered my life.” He added that instead of advocating for press accountability… Continue reading Hugh Grant Calls Himself a 'Bad Actor' Who 'Squandered His Life'

Hugh Jackman's Old-Fashioned Parenting Policy | Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman and his kids, Oscar and Ava

Humberto Carreno/Startraks

Hugh Jackman may make his living on the big screen, but on weekdays, the actor’s home is a screen-free zone.

Jackman, 42, says he got the idea from a friend and implemented it for his kids Oscar, 11, and Ava, 6.

“A buddy of mine has… Continue reading Hugh Jackman's Old-Fashioned Parenting Policy

hugh-laurie-let-them-talk.jpgHugh Laurie returns to his regular TV gig on “House”
next week, but the actor took a detour onto PBS Friday night (Sept. 30)
for an installment of the network’s “Great Performances” series.

As he says at the top of the show (you can watch it all here), the great
performance isn’t his but that of the city of New Orleans, where he
goes to immerse… Continue reading Hugh Laurie gets the blues in PBS 'Great Performances' special

Hugh Hefner: Crystal Harris & I Had Sex 'Once a Week' | Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter

The he said-she said continues.

It seemed like the war of words ended in July between Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris after the Playboy founder said his former fiancée “lied” when she told Howard Stern they only had sex once… Continue reading Hugh Hefner: Crystal Harris & I Had Sex 'Once a Week'