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Oscar season is upon us, which means lots of prestigious biographies of powerful or famous people. After this weekend, there will be three such movies vying for your ticket-buying dollar: Daniel Day-Lewis in Steven Spielberg’s surprising smash “Lincoln,” Anthony Hopkins as the master of suspense in “Hitchcock” and, starting on Friday, Bill Murray (of all people), playing Franklin D. Roosevelt in “Hyde Park on Hudson.” True to form, Roosevelt ain’t… Continue reading 'Hyde Park On Hudson' Review: The Pros And Cons Of The FDR Biopic

Bill Murray will star as Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the film version of Hyde Park on the Hudson , Vulture is reporting.

The film is based on a 2009 radio play by Richard Nelson, dealing with a true-to-life affair between Roosevelt and his distant cousin. The partially fictionalized plot is set during a 1939 visit from King George VI, the first time in history that British monarchy traveled to America.

The… Continue reading Bill Murray to Lead Hyde Park on the Hudson