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Disney’s upcoming Big Hero Six is interesting in that it opens up the possibilities of what kind of Marvel movies Disney is interested in making with properties already under its control. This animated adventure-comedy is the first bit of cinematic diversification since Marvel came under the Disney banner in 2009, and the studio’s got more planned for 2015. Street-level heroes like Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist… Continue reading Marvel Countdown: Will Disney Ignore Marvel's Horror Legacy?

In the impending disaster that is I, Frankenstein (sorry, Aaron Eckhart), the title monster is taken to the near future, where he battles gargoyles and tries to prevent the apocalypse… or something. The trailer earns chuckles and grimaces from both casual and seasoned filmgoers alike because they know one thing: that scarred action hero engaging in all kinds of CGI derring-do isn’t Frankenstein’s monster. We… Continue reading Why Do Most Frankenstein Movies Ignore the Source Material?

In a move that one federal education official is calling unprecedented, on Tuesday, The Obama Administration announced a plan of action to hold schools responsible for failure to stop bullying. In the wake of a recent surge in suicides by bullied young adults — particularly those in the LGBTQ community — The White House has […] Continue reading Obama Administration Stands Up To Bullies: Schools That Ignore Bullying Could Lose Federal Funding