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McCann Health creates a campaign inviting the public to participate, contribute and vote

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | April 21, 2014


Omron Group has launched ‘Your Voice, Their World’ as part of their CSR initiative. Conceptualised by McCann Health, the project looks to create the world’s first-of-its kind online audio library of poems for the visually disabled in association with… Continue reading Omron looks to create world’s first poetry library for visually impaired

smokeignOlder smokers are likely to damage their grey matter and lose cognitive functions at a greater rate than non-smokers. Cognitive functions involve thought, memory and information processes enabling us to learn new things and comprehend what is being said. The study led by Osvaldo Almeida, research director of The University of Western Australia, found that […] Continue reading Older smokers at risk of impaired memory