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If you watched the Democratic National Convention last night, then you most likely caught this video, which proceeded President Obama’s speech on stage. What you might not have been aware of at the time was that the video, which combed through Obama’s achievements over the past four years, was actually directed by Davis Guggenheim, who brought us An Inconvenient Truth and Waiting for Superman, among others. And if the voice… Continue reading Watch: 'An Inconvenient Truth' Director's Barack Obama DNC Video, Narrated by George Clooney

Downton Abbey: War is So Very Inconvenient (Part 1)



noun PathologyChronic disorder caused by repeated and excessive subjection to Downton Abbey, a shamelessly melodramatic British period drama. Characterized by long, knowing glances, obsessive-compulsive dressing routines, and the irritating sound of incessant bell-ringing in one’s ears.

Yes, we’re back with the Crawleys and their dutiful collection of scullery slaves for another sweeping season of Downton Abbey — possibly TV’s biggest pop culture, period-piece sensation since Mad Men. Sunday’s premiere was an… Continue reading Downton Abbey: War is So Very Inconvenient (Part 1)