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Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to screens this month in Sabotage (3/28), where he plays a tough DEA agent who finds his fellow officers under attack after they rob a drug-cartel safe house. We’re so stoked to see Arnold back on the big screen playing a big, burly, gun-wielding badass that we thought it might be fun to pit classic Arnold Schwarzenegger characters against each other to see which one ultimately comes… Continue reading Which Arnold Schwarzenegger Character Would Win in a Fight? (Infographic)

Filmmakers seem to have countless motivations for taking a trip back to the cinematic well. Whether it’s for the sake of revitalizing a classic movie with a more contemporary cast (such as George Clooney and company stepping in for the Rat Pack in Soderbergh’s Ocean’s Eleven), reverently reminding moviegoers of a cinematic milestone (De Laurentiis’ and Jackson’s respective updates of King Kong) or bringing an influential foreign film into the… Continue reading Infographic: Original vs. Remake -- Which Does Better at the Box Office?

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I Went to… Continue reading Best of the Week: Summer-Movie Box Office Infographic, Film Face-off and More

Nearly $5.8 billion is spent on Halloween each year. What better way to get in season’s spirit than watching your favorite horror film. We’re taking an in depth look at the most successful movies and franchises, courtesy of our friends over at Managed VPS. Be sure to click the image to see the entire infographic.Click […] Continue reading Horror Films & Franchises That Made a Killing (Infographic)

Sure moviegoers are willing to go out, spend a few bucks and watch the newest flick, but which movies are they actually taking home? Check out the most popular films that have been rented and purchased, and who knows, you may actually find a few to add to your collection. Just watch out — you […] Continue reading The Proposal: Most Rented Movie of 2010? (Infographic)