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Spring Breakers 2 Yes, There Will Be a Spring Breakers 2. And It Sounds Insane.Sometimes little delicious little nuggets of news are hidden in dry industry press releases, which is exactly the case with “Spring Breakers 2.” Talk about burying the lede!

Wild Bunch, a distribution and production company, is bringing a whole mess of films to Cannes that sound downright bananas, a remake of “Maniac Cop” that everyone’s been clamoring for since… Continue reading Yes, There Will Be a 'Spring Breakers 2.' And It Sounds Insane.

jupiter ascending New Jupiter Ascending Trailer: The Wachowskis Are Insane, And Its BeautifulBefore you press play on the below trailer for Jupiter Ascending, let’s all just take a moment to thank the movie Gods for letting the Wachowskis exist and continue to make big budget sci-fi movies that look absolutely insane.

Seriously. We love Captain America and the likes, but we’re so, so glad that we’ve got Channing Tatum with space elf ears helping simple Earthling Mila Kunis rise… Continue reading New 'Jupiter Ascending' Trailer: The Wachowskis Are Insane, And It's Beautiful

Space%20Jam%20NBA%202K14%20(585%20x%20476) Heres Your Chance, Do Your Dance at the Space Jam... in NBA 2K14, Because an Insane Fan Made It Possible

It’s the mod absolutely no one was clamoring for – an NBA 2K14 add-on that allows players to re-create the cinematic epic we all know and love: Space Jam.

Back in 1996, Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes squad teamed up to face off against some intergalactic basketball aliens with the fate of Earth hanging in the balance. Enterprising modder MGX… Continue reading Here's Your Chance, Do Your Dance at the 'Space Jam'... in NBA 2K14, Because an Insane Fan Made It Possible

Cher’s Ring Game on The Voice Is Insane

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10/17/2013 at 05:00 PM ET

cher 600x450 Chers Ring Game on The Voice Is Insane

You’ve already read The Voice recaps and watched the battles on repeat. Now it’s time to talk about the major style moment on this week’s episode of the hit singing competition: Cher’s crazy rings! The iconic singer has returned as a guest mentor

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10/07/2013 at 05:30 PM ET

nicole kidman 300x400 Is Nicole Kidmans Wrist Décor Insane, Or Are We For Thinking So?Vincent Yu/AP

First things first: Nicole Kidman looks unbelievable in this jaw-dropping cutout halter gown, which she wore to accept an award for Best Global Actress at China’s Huading Image Awards. For someone who normally prefers prim, buttoned-up ensembles (sometimes literally), we give