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Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend says the Watch the Throne rapper was “insecure” and “vulnerable” and wouldn’t go on stage unless she was there to reassure him.

In an interview with the British newspaper The Sun, Brooke Crittendon portrays the hip-hop star as being more clingy than cocky during their relationship.

The aspiring actress, who met West in 2004 and dated him for two-and-a-half years, said, “He was not macho – he needed… Continue reading Beware Kim! Kanye West’s Ex Says He’s Insecure, Needy & Vulnerable

In (N-Secure) Insecure movie Cordell Moore stars in the role of David Alan Washington, a winning company man who is obsessed among time and schedules. He is furthermore a perfectionist and neat freak with no space for naturalness in his living. Essence Atkins plays Robin Joyner , his live-in girlfriend. She loves David, or at least the rich life he affords for her. David decides it is moment for him… Continue reading Insecure Movie 2010 | N-Secure now on DVD

Julia Roberts has said that she would have to struggle to launch her Hollywood career in 2010, because the intense scrutiny of today’s actresses would leave her feeling “insecure”. The ‘Pretty Woman’ star shot to international fame in 1988”s teen film ‘Mystic Pizza’, and quickly became the highest-earning actress in Hollywood. But Roberts is adamant […] Continue reading Julia Roberts says modern actresses’ scrutiny makes her ‘insecure’

“I was always insecure about belonging and felt that my success was probably going to go away, so I’ve overcompensated….” Jessica Alba, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Sept. 2010 Continue reading Jessica Alba Cosmopolitan September 2010: “I Was Insecure About My Success”