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Few (if any) box office analysts accurately predicted this weekend’s top five movies, since one of them was a film few pundits had ever heard of: a Mexican dramedy called “Instructions Not Included,” starring Mexican comic actor Eugenio Derbez. It opened on just 347 screens, but by Sunday, it had earned an estimated $ 7.5 million, good for fifth place. (It was projected to earn… Continue reading Box Office: How Surprise Hit 'Instructions Not Included' Stormed the Chart

Gone With The Wind

Gone With the Wind boils down to a story about a spoiled Southern girl’s hopeless love for a married man. Producer David O. S… Read More


Today’s big-budget blockbusters may make bank at the box office, but they don’t come close to the true king of movie grosses, “Gone With the Wind.” More than seven decades after its release, the Oscar-winning film… Continue reading 'Gone With The Wind' Projection Instructions: Rules To Screening The 1939 Classic

Very often he was surrounded by Hollywood users during his life, but it was clear that  Gary Coleman did not want to have anything with them after his death.
It turned out that the will of Gary Coleman was filed on Tuesday in a Provo, Utah, court. According to it, he expressed his wish to be […] Continue reading Gary Coleman to Leave Instructions after his Death