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doctor who season 8 premiere leak peter capaldi gi Doctor Who Season 8 footage leaked online: Peter Capaldis full premiere hits the Internet

The BBC is having trouble holding on to
“Doctor Who.” Following a
material leak that hit the news on July 7, it now seems that the entire Season 8 premiere episode — featuring the debut of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor — is available on video-piracy sites.

The Radio Times reports that its reporters have actually watched the “Doctor Who”

Paddington Evil Dead (585 x 253) The Internet Finds a Great New Use for the Paddington Bear Movie

We’re still months away from the holidays, but the folks behind Paddington want to give you plenty of time to get ready for the literary bear’s new big-screen adventure due later this year. As such, we’ve got a trailer and some horror-themed memes featuring the lovable teddy in today’s news.

The new clip for the film is… Continue reading The Internet Finds a Great New Use for the 'Paddington' Bear Movie

The ad platform will save cost, simplify processes and help target audiences at the individual level

Sohini Sen | Mumbai | March 21, 2014

til logo Times Internet launches new ad tech platform

Times Internet launched a unique ad technology platform yesterday. The new technology has been so far used in the West and is likely to usher in a new era is digital advertising solutions.

The new ad… Continue reading Times Internet launches new ad tech platform

batman%20vs.%20superman%20logo%20(585%20x%20321) Ben Affleck Talks Batman, Internet Backlash and Daredevil Regrets in New Interview

Ben Affleck is keenly aware of the fact that many of you are not thrilled about his casting as Batman in the upcoming Zack Snyder feature Batman vs. Superman – but the actor is doing the best he can to help allay those concerns.

Bat-fleck has now taken his case to the public in a Playboy interview in which the actor talks about his motivations… Continue reading Ben Affleck Talks Batman, Internet Backlash and 'Daredevil' Regrets in New Interview

There are several superstars in the land of Internet cats, but only one has looks that could kill: Grumpy Cat. The 2013 Webby Awards winner’s real name is Tardar Sauce (aka Tard), and her dwarfism and underbite give her a permanent frown. Deadline is reporting that the cranky kitty will now be the star of her own film. The website is describing the feature as a “Garfield-like” story. Does that… Continue reading From Internet Meme to Movie: Get Ready to See Lots More of the Grumpy Cat