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Not everyone loves Cait!

Caitlyn Jenner prides herself on being a role model for members of the transgender community, but – after leaving a luncheon this afternoon in Chicago, Illinois – the 65-year-old I Am Cait reality star learned that not ALL members of the community are a fan of hers!

Reality show cameras were rolling when Jenner spoke to a group of 1,000 people at the 7th annual… Continue reading Caitlyn Gets Into Fight With Protesters Who Call Her ‘Insult To Trans’

With Christmas just two months away, the Kardashians are already locked in fierce debate over their upcoming holiday card — and Rob Kardashian is in the thick of the fight!

“He’s confident that by Christmas he’ll be in a good enough condition to be front and center of the group shots, but he’s refusing to commit to the shoot until the very last minute,” an insider tells radio detection and… Continue reading Reality Revenge! Kardashians Plunged Into ‘Total Nightmare’ After Rob Demands $250K Payout

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:

Fake Musicals of the Day:

Watch Nathan Lane, Rachel Bloom and James Corden in “inappropriate” musicals based on The Terminator, The Exorcist and Se7en:

Fan Art of the Day:

Speaking of The Exorcist, that’s one of the horror movies artists have Photoshopped Donald Trump into as part of a new… Continue reading Today in Movie Culture: 'Se7en' the Musical, Donald Trump Inserted Into Horror Movies and More

Johansen said the hidden switch was made for security reasons after Elvis’ death on Aug. 16, 1977, when she was spirited away from his gated, 13-acre estate in Memphis, Tenn., to Scandinavia. She described her childhood at Graceland as a “fairy tale with my father as the king and myself as the pampered princess.”… Continue reading Woman Claiming To Be Elvis’ Real Daughter Warns Lisa Marie Presley, ‘I Will Never Go Away’ — And Moves Into Graceland!

In Self/less, Ben Kingsley plays a dying old man who undergoes a radical procedure that transfers his consciousness into a younger body, giving him a second chance at life. But since this is a movie, not all goes according to plan. What, exactly, is his new identity? Where did this younger body come from? Can the former identity of this new body resurface… Continue reading Related Watching: From 'Seconds' to 'Face/Off' - Diving Into Body Swap Sci-Fi Movies