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Palm Springs crackie Jeremy London gives new meaning to the phrase “Delusional Druggie.” In the latest round of “Was He or Wasn’t He Kidnapped,” Party of Five star Jeremy London insisted again on Wednesday that he was, in fact, abducted at gunpoint and forced to use drugs during a carjacking in Palm Springs on June […] Continue reading Jeremy London: “My Acting Skills Saved Me From The Kidnappers!”

Jeremy London wants his family to shut up. On Wednesday, the Party of Five alum filed restraining orders against his family, who have publicly doubted the actor’s claims that he was kidnapped and forced to do drugs during a harrowing six-hour ordeal earlier this month.The orders were filed against London’s mom Debbie Nielsen, twin brother and […] Continue reading Jeremy London Files Restraining Orders Against Skeptical Family

The family of Jeremy London is not going to keep silence any more. We have all heard the story that the star, famous for his role in Party of Five, was kidnapped by two criminals and was made to take drugs. Jeremy’s family has a different version of what has happened to the actor. London’s […] Continue reading Jeremy London Got Hooked on Again?

A man accused of kidnapping Palm Springs crackie Jeremy London says the fallen actor — who has a history of drug abuse — joined him willingly for a night X-dropping and Xanax-popping.Last week, London told officers at the Palm Springs Police Department that on June 10 he was attempting to change a tire on the […] Continue reading Brandon Adams, Jeremy London Kidnapping Suspect, Speaks: “We Took A Joyride”

Jeremy London — the washed-up ’90s star giving Amy Winehouse an impressive run for her title as World’s Most Whacked Out Crackie — has served his mother, twin brother, and future sister-in-law with cease & desist orders.The former Party of Five star, 37, claims he was taken hostage by a group of men in […] Continue reading Jeremy London Slaps Family With Gag Order