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 ‘Gossip Girl’ ad mocks lack of Jewish characters“There aren’t many Jewish people on Gossip Girl …” begins a new ad for The CW’s veteran drama.

Tonight’s episode has the GG crew celebrating Yom Kippur in their own irrepressible style. Granted, the High Holiday was a couple weeks ago, but naturally the socialite crowd is fashionably late. Check out this EW first look teeing up tonight’s episode (the shofar… Continue reading ‘Gossip Girl’ ad mocks lack of Jewish characters

mel gibson  Mel Gibson, Joe Eszterhas Team for Film About Jewish HeroHere’s a very, very interesting pairing — and concept:

Mel Gibson and Joe Eszterhas are teaming on a Warner Bros. project to bring to the big screen the biblical story of second century Jewish rebel Judah Maccabee and the tale of Hanukkah.

Gibson’s Icon Productions will produce the project, and Eszterhas will write the screenplay, with input from Gibson, who has long been fascinated with Maccabee (who was… Continue reading Mel Gibson, Joe Eszterhas Team for Film About Jewish Hero

It is hard to think of many more luckless or traumatic fates than being a Jewish child in Nazi Germany. But imagine if you were also deaf. In the documentary Ingelore, first time director Frank Stiefel relates the story of his mother, Ingelore Herz Honigstein, who was born without the ability to hear to Jewish  How a documentary director’s deaf, Jewish, mother escaped from the Nazis: Frank Stiefel talks about his remarkable HBO film, ‘Ingelore’

Crystal Clear Picture:

In the November issue of Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, pop/jazz star Amy Winehouse chats about her new fashion line with designer Fred Perry, love with beau Reg Traviss — and dressing like “an old Jewish Black Man.” Amy On Working With Designer Fred Perry On Her New Fashion Line: “I knew exactly what I wanted. And [...] Continue reading Amy Winehouse Talks Love, Fashion, And “Old Jewish Black Men” With Harper’s Bazaar

Critically-acclaimed director Oliver Stone — whose catalogue includes W. and the 1987 hit Wall Street — has apologized for “clumsy” comments he made in an interview, suggesting the Holocaust became Hitler’s most well-documented atrocity because of Jewish control of the media.Stone — who just last week voiced his support of noted bigot Mel Gibson — [...] Continue reading Oliver Stone Jewish Media-Holocaust Remarks Stir Anti-Semitic Fury