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J.J. Abrams embraces Spielberg’s movie DNA

J.J. Abrams can go home again – at least, figuratively.. . That’s what the writer-director discovered putting together Super 8, his sci-fi homage … Continue reading J.J. Abrams embraces Spielberg's movie DNA

Greg Grunberg is revealing that he has a small role in “Super 8,” the latest film from his longtime friend J.J. Abrams.. . Grunberg previously said … Continue reading Greg Grunberg Appears in Pal JJ Abrams' 'Super 8'

‘Heroes’ star Greg Grunberg says he starred in home movies of childhood friend JJ Abrams”Heroes” actor Greg Grunberg says his acting bug started when he starred in the home movies of his childhood fri Continue reading Greg Grunberg: I starred in JJ Abrams' home movies

NK8156 260x195 Pokemon Movie 13: The Phantom Champion Zoroark

The new Pokemon Movie 13: The Phantom Champion Zoroark trailer has been released, and new info about the movie! read more on Animepalm!