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Joan Rivers shows another side in new documentary

NEW YORK (Back Stage) – Joan Rivers has been a lot of things. She’s been a star of late-night TV. She’s been a menace to celebrities on the red carpet. She’s been whatever word you call people who app Continue reading Joan Rivers shows another side in new documentary

New film undoes Joan Rivers’ cosmetic makeover

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – If cosmetic makeovers mask our most unsavory features, then a new documentary has stripped away the many changes Joan Rivers has made to herself over the years and laid bare th Continue reading New film undoes Joan Rivers' cosmetic makeover

Check out the trailer for the upcoming documentary Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work, opening in select theaters June 11. The documentary — which debuted to solid reviews at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival in Manhattan — offers an insightful look at one of the oldest, most daring comics of our age. Continue reading Joan Rivers Documentary “A Piece Of Work” Trailer