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Kate Price a.k.a Jordan has been accused of an i-pod rip off, for she’s charging almost double the normal Apple price on some of her personalised iPod products. Kate’s iPod models are customised with her own designs and some even contain her KP crest. The range, which she launched wearing a silver catsuit last month, […] Continue reading Jordan accused of iPod rip-off

Former glamour model Katie Price a.k.a Jordan has revealed that she still listens to her ex-husband Peter Andre””s music. Jordan – who has three kids – often plays back the love song album ””A Whole New World”” which they recorded together, because her three children love listening to their parents”” duets. “I””ve got ””A Whole […] Continue reading Jordan still listens to her ex Peter Andre””s music

Jordan a.k.a Katie Price has claimed that she has some supernatural powers, which send electrical systems haywire. The glamour babe claims she can shut down shop tills and make hi-tech equipment play up. “Something happens when I’m around electricals,” the Daily Star quoted her as saying. On a recent shopping trip, she said: “The tills […] Continue reading Jordan claims to possess paranormal powers

It looks like Katie Price a.k.a Jordan has started hating France. The former glamour model is in Paris with hubby Alex Reid to celebrate his birthday – even though she described a recent break there as ‘the worst holiday of my life’. “Everything was in French,” the Daily Star quoted her as saying. “The food […] Continue reading Jordan ‘hates’ France

Jordan a.k.a Katie Price have slammed a Sunday newspaper on Tweeter, which claimed that Alex Reid walked out on her recently and is looking for a marriage counselling. Apparently Ried was furious when he found out Jordan wanted to stay overnight with the kids at P”Andre”s house… by watching his show, at the same time […] Continue reading Jordan slams newspaper on Twitter