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Heidi Montag has made a desperate plea to team up with Katie Price a.k.a Jordan. ‘The Hills’ star has approached the former Glamour model – who’s just released her new single ‘Free To Love Again’ in the UK – suggesting they bring out a remix together. “@MissKatiePrice I love your new song! Let me get […] Continue reading Heidi Montag eyes duet with Jordan

After their wedding ceremony held in Las Vegas in February, Alex Reid and Katie Price joined by Jordan’s friends Polly and her husband Andrew Gould started their celebration in one of luxury hotels in Egypt. This celebration can be called Katie Price and Alex Reid’s second honeymoon. 32-year-old Jordan one more time has decided not […] Continue reading Jordan Doesn’t Care about Her Honeymoon and Prefers a Mass Holiday

Kate Price and Alex Reid have jetted to Thailand for a baby-making honeymoon, and that too with a camera crew in tow. In fact, Alex has even promised ITV bosses plenty of “action”. The 34-year-old cage fighter hopes that going back will boost their sex life and help Kate, 32, conceive. “It is somewhere we […] Continue reading Jordan, Alex Reid ‘on baby-making honeymoon’

Katie Price has decided to cut down all the expenses of her wedding with Alex Reid. Price a.k.a Jordan has cut down the cost of their wedding in every aspect from booze to her hair, from dress to make-up and has even written “save the day” ­invites herself in red ­felt-tip pen, and sent out […] Continue reading Jordan going for ‘budget’ wedding with Reid

Alex Reid is worried that her wife Kate Price will not be able to go through with their wedding blessing. The cage-fighter fears she is under strain to match her glitzy wedding to Peter Andre, 37, in 2005. In order to calm her pre-wedding jitters, Price, also known as Jordan, fled to Paris with her […] Continue reading Alex Reid ‘fears Jordan will scrap wedding’