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the fifth estate julian assange Fifth Estate Star Benedict Cumberbatch: Im Sure Julian Assange Will Go After MeDreamWorks

Benedict Cumberbatch harbors no delusions that Julian Assange is going to applaud his platinum-blond portrayal of the WikiLeaks founder in the upcoming film “The Fifth Estate.”

Cumberbatch, who’s attempted to reassure Assange that the movie doesn’t villainize him, tells Entertainment Weekly, “I’m sure he’ll go after me. … I’m not a bank with offshore accounts in the Canaries, I don’t fiddle my taxes, I’m… Continue reading 'Fifth Estate' Star Benedict Cumberbatch: 'I'm Sure Julian Assange Will Go After Me'

In the 15 years since he transitioned from painter to filmmaker, New York artist Julian Schnabel has tackled a number of true-life stories from his first film based on friend and peer, New York street artist Jean-Paul Basquiat, to his portrait of Cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas in Before Night Falls and quadriplegic Elle editor Jean-Dominique Bauby in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly , for which Schnabel was nominated… Continue reading Exclusive: Filmmaker Julian Schnabel on Miral

Australian whistle-blower Julian Assange — the man behind international secret-revealing website WikiLeaks, which let the world peek behind the curtain and see the inner workings of governments and financial institutions — is lifting the lid on his own life story. In an interview with Britian’s Sunday Times, Assange confirmed that he’s signed a $1.3 million [...] Continue reading WikiLeaks Boss Julian Assange Lands Book Deal

On Friday, WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange — No. 3 on TIME’s list of the year’s Most Influential People — appeared in an interview with The TODAY Show’s Matt Lauer, where he argued that “Something is wrong in Sweden and the US” regarding the manner in which investigations against him and his website are being conducted. [...] Continue reading WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Alleges Smear Campaign On “The TODAY Show”

Julian Assange Was Homeschooled

Julian Assange Was Homeschooled Interesting little under-reported fact about the guy who’s dividing the world. Julian Assange was homeschooled by his mom. The ironic bit here is that the same conservatives who think Assange deserves to be executed for treason, are also the ones who rail against public schools and are big supporters of the [...] Continue reading Julian Assange Was Homeschooled