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Selena Gomez Blames Junk Food for Health Problems

The “malnourished” singer says her mom is trying to help her eat better… Continue reading Selena Gomez Blames Junk Food for Health Problems

junk foodMexico has asked its all private and government schools to limit sales of junk food to protect children from being overweight or obese. About 30 percent of children and 70 percent of adults in Mexico are overweight. The law does not ban sales of junk food in schools, but it requires private and public schools […] Continue reading Mexico curbs junk food sales in schools

Mark Wahlberg has confessed he binged on cookies once his tough training was over for new movie The Fighter.. . The Departed star plays boxing … Continue reading Wahlberg's post Fighter junk binge

Malaria-stricken Cheryl Cole has been urged by doctors to cut down on junk food. The ‘X Factor’ judge has been told to swap the sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks for fresh fruit and vegetables. Doctors believe her love of fatty and sugary foods has destroyed her immune system and have even told her to quit […] Continue reading Malaria-stricken Cheryl Cole advised to cut junk food