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Jodi Arias meticulously planned her murder of ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander and wanted to make sure she was the last person he would ever have sex with, says one of the jurors from the infamous trial.

Tara Kelley, who was Alternate Juror Number 17, said in an online interview Tuesday that the camera Arias left at the murder scene was the most incriminating piece of evidence because it “showed a timeline of… Continue reading Jodi Arias Juror: She Planned Murder To Be Last Person Travis Alexander Ever Had Sex With

Rodney King — the victim of the brutal police beating that sparked the notorious Los Angeles racial riots — is set to marry one of the jurors from his controversial civil trial, RadarOnline.com reported Tuesday. King, now 44, recently proposed to Cynthia Kelley — Juror No. 5– who awarded King a $3.8 million payout in a […] Continue reading Rodney King Engaged To Marry Juror From Trial