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jill zarin 440x330 Jill Zarin Bought Elizabeth Taylor’s $19K Ring for ‘Good Karma’Courtesy Christie’s; inset: Andrew H. Walker/Getty

Elizabeth Taylor famously told the world what a ‘lucky girl’ she was when she looked at her jewels. Former Real Housewives of New York star Jill Zarin says she feels just as lucky now that she owns one of them.

Zarin’s husband, Bobby, bought several items his bride picked out at the record-breaking $ 153 million Elizabeth


Jailer Vishwa Pratap Singh (Dilip Kumar) changed his fate forever when he slapped captured terrorist Dr. Michael Deng (Anupam Kher) as, soon after his sons and daughter in law are murdered by Deng’s men. He is left with his wife Rukmani (Nutan) who loses her speech after the mishap and a crippled son. Singh now called Dada Thakur resolves to bring Deng to book and… Continue reading Karma

Ke$ha and karma

American dance-pop singer Ke$ha just wants to have some fun.. . A reputation as a party girl has surrounded the 23-year-old singer ever since she … Continue reading Ke$ha and karma