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Katie Price a.k.a Jordan has compared herself with a “chipmunk”. “Do you know, on my Hen we all had filler, Botox, lip, and I said: ”No, I”m not doing it again!” They”re like: ”Oh we did Kate”, and I”m like: ”Oh go on, I”ll have a little bit,” the Mirror quoted her as telling ITV1”s […] Continue reading I still look like a chipmunk, says Katie Price

Katie Holmes has revealed that she is happy to get married to Tom Cruise because she has gained remarkable freedom in her career than before. While America puzzles over her personal decisions, like how a nice Catholic girl could marry an actor 2 inches shorter than herself and suddenly convert to a religion created by […] Continue reading Why marriage is the best thing for Katie Holmes

What was Katie Holmes thinking?. . The star of “The Extra Man,” opening Friday, was America’s sweetheart, a straight- A student from the Midwest on… Continue reading Katie Holmes: Why marriage is the best thing that ever happened to her

Katie Holmes is smitten with the wardrobe belonging to Jackie Kennedy. The actress can’t stop gushing about the wardrobe belonging to the former First Lady, whom she plays in The History Channel”s upcoming miniseries “The Kennedys.” “Her clothes were magnificent,” the New York Daily News quoted her as telling UsMagazine.com. “We have these wonderful seamstresses […] Continue reading Katie Holmes can’t stop gushing about Jacqueline Kennedy”s wardrobe

Are Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes hoping aboard the reality bandwagon? With masses of movie fans convinced that daughter Suri is the only sane member of this outfit, tabloid tattles say the action star and his actress spouse are planning to appear in a reality TV show to prove to the world their family is […] Continue reading Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Reality Show