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remodeled-joseph-paul-olga.jpgWe’ll just get right to it: The CW doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to reality shows. “America’s Next Top Model” is the only one that’s lasted more than a season, and that was adopted from UPN when The CW took its place in 2006.

Paul Fisher, whose “Remodeled” kicked off Tuesday night on The CW, insists that his show is not… Continue reading 'Remodeled' on The CW: Paul Fisher talks Kayla Humphries and his 'mission of passion'

“I think I can be a better Miss Delaware and Miss America by taking the wig off, because it shows people the initial reaction that I am healthy and I’m fine. All we do is we lose our hair, right?” America’s First State has crowned a bald beauty. Kayla Martell won the coveted titled in the 2010 […] Continue reading Kayla Martell, Bald Miss Delaware, Brings National Attention To Alopecia