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clarkkentglasses Comics on Film: What Quentin Tarantino Got Wrong About Clark Kent

Last year, Man of Steel proved to be a commercially successful reinvigoration of the Superman film franchise. It wasn’t a critical darling, and the reaction to the film by Superman comics fans can likely be generously described as “mixed.” If you began a debate surrounding the film in a comic book store, you’d likely find both ardent defenders and detractors of the finished product. The usual suspects… Continue reading Comics on Film: What Quentin Tarantino Got Wrong About Clark Kent

Listen up geeks (and non-geeks, too — we don’t discriminate here at Moviefone), because we have a whole bunch of comic book movie- and nerd-related content for you to wrap your brain around today.

• First up are photos of Henry Cavill from the set of the upcoming Superman reboot, ‘Man of Steel.’ Cavill is set to play the role of Clark Kent aka Superman in the Zach… Continue reading Clark Kent Photos and an 'Avengers' Short Film in Our Nerd News of the Day

Reunited and it feels so good: Below is the first pic of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor facing off in the series finale of Smallville. In fact, there’s two large photos from the finale featuring the return of Michael Rosenbaum as Lex, which airs its two-hour closer on Friday, May 13. Check it out: Here’s  First photo: Lex Luthor and Clark Kent reunited on ‘Smallville’ — EXCLUSIVE

Crystal Clear Picture:

Clark and Kent, a highly specialized executive search and selection company, is helping its international clients acquire C-level talent in emerging markets, especially in Asia. It is looking to expand the horizons of North American companies in the Asian & African markets. The firm bridges the gap between the local environment and its clients” global [...] Continue reading Clark and Kent launches Asia coverage for global clients