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If Netflix CEO Reed Hastings was running for office, this would be the time to call him a flip-flopper. After last month’s announcement that Netflix would split into two companies — Netflix for online streaming and Qwikster for DVD-by-mail service — Hastings said on Monday morning that those plans have been scraped. “It is clear that for many of our members two websites would make things more difficult, so we… Continue reading Netflix Was Totally Kidding About Qwikster

The most important fact we should take away from Sunday’s Emmys ceremony—and hopefully the ONE FACT future archaeologists will note when they unearth a laser disc of this travesty—is that A LOT of very talented, deserving actors won Emmys this year. Credit where credit’s due: Both the nominations and winners in the acting categories were well-selected, and if an Emmy statuette is worth at least a bump in pay, then… Continue reading The Emmys Were Terrific Just Kidding (PHOTO RECAP)