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Welcome to Criterion Corner, where the movies love you back. A column dedicated to the wide and wonderful world of the Criterion Collection, Criterion Corner runs twice a month, one installment featuring reviews of Criterion’s new releases, and the other an essay pertaining to Criterion culture. Follow @CriterionCorner and the Criterion Corner Tumblr for daily updates!

October has been something of an unusual month for Criterion, in that the Blu-ray… Continue reading Criterion Corner: October Titles Deliver 7 Different Kinds Of Horror

Review in a Hurry: Steve Carell is a sad sack suburbanite. Ryan Gosling an über-cool urbanite. And both extremes find themselves in a romantic comedy about finding one’s soul mate. Crazy, Stupid, Love supplies plenty of laughs but truly impresses in the low-key moments, revealing genuine warmth for… Continue reading Movie Review: Crazy, Stupid, Love All Kinds of Crazy, Stupid Fantastic

Jack Nicholson 150x150 I had ‘all kinds of emotions’ kissing co star Paul Rudd: Jack NicholsonActor Jack Nicholson has revealed that he felt “all kinds of emotions” when he kissed co-star Paul Rudd constantly in their latest movie ‘How Do You Know’. The Oscar-winning Hollywood star, who was a ’50s psycho, a ’60s biker, a ’70s angry rebel bucking the system and an ’80s cartoonish villain with raised eyebrows and [...] Continue reading I had ‘all kinds of emotions’ kissing co-star Paul Rudd: Jack Nicholson