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After years of development, a Scream TV series is finally coming to MTV at the end of this month. But it might not look like the Scream you remember from the movies. The big difference is the mask, which has been changed from the iconic Ghostface, inspired by Edward Munch’s painting The Scream, which was used in four installments on the big screen.

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Welcome to Criterion Corner, where the movies love you back. A column dedicated to the wide and wonderful world of the Criterion Collection, Criterion Corner runs twice a month, one installment featuring reviews of Criterion’s new releases, and the other an essay pertaining to Criterion culture. Follow @CriterionCorner and the Criterion Corner Tumblr for daily updates!

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Review in a Hurry: Steve Carell is a sad sack suburbanite. Ryan Gosling an über-cool urbanite. And both extremes find themselves in a romantic comedy about finding one’s soul mate. Crazy, Stupid, Love supplies plenty of laughs but truly impresses in the low-key moments, revealing genuine warmth for… Continue reading Movie Review: Crazy, Stupid, Love All Kinds of Crazy, Stupid Fantastic

Jack NicholsonActor Jack Nicholson has revealed that he felt “all kinds of emotions” when he kissed co-star Paul Rudd constantly in their latest movie ‘How Do You Know’. The Oscar-winning Hollywood star, who was a ’50s psycho, a ’60s biker, a ’70s angry rebel bucking the system and an ’80s cartoonish villain with raised eyebrows and […] Continue reading I had ‘all kinds of emotions’ kissing co-star Paul Rudd: Jack Nicholson