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Jason Schwartzman, star of “Rushmore,” “Scott Pilgrim” and “Bored to Death,” is just as excited about his stuff as you are. However, he likes to ramble — a lot. I don’t mean for that to come off as a negative, it’s just something that he likes to do. When you ask him a question, he often digresses into complete randomness until he more or less arrives at

“Moonrise Kingdom,” the newest film from Wes Anderson, offers up another visual cornucopia from one of the most unique directors working today. Across seven movies, we’ve been treated to everything from memorably distinct characters (“The Royal Tenenbaums”) to imaginative landscapes (“Fantastic Mr. Fox”).

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This weekend, it’s a face-off between intergalactic crime fighters and earth’s mightiest (box-office) heroes.

Friday sees the release of “Men in Black III,” which reunites Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as the alien-besting duo. While the series has historically brought in big box office numbers, does it have enough power behind it to potentially knock the superhero flick from its top spot?

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“Moonrise Kingdom,” the newest film from Wes Anderson, tells the story of two young lovers — Suzy Sharp and Sam Shakusky — who run away together. Suzy is a disaffected young girl, who enjoys burying her head in books and is prone to fistfights at school. Sam is a troubled orphan, who’s been bounced around the foster care system.

A unique performance was required to bring these characters to