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➜ Game News – The Weekly Grind – Poke’Ninja’s, Mr. Scratch & An Arrow To The Knee? – 12/19/2011

See The Full Show Here ➜ ➜ Gaming News: The Weekly GRIND – Poke’Ninja’s, Mr. Scratch & 0 Automobiles – 12/19/2011 In this weeks episode we talk about the New Pokemon game that has been announced. Also Mojang’s newest game Cobalt. We touch on the new… Continue reading ➜ Game News - The Weekly Grind - Poke'Ninja's, Mr. Scratch & An Arrow To The Knee? - 12/19/2011

Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant has irreversible issues in his surgically repaired right knee, according to the team trainer.. . Speaking … Continue reading Kobe Has Irreversible Knee Issues

Increasing intake of vitamin D is not likely to slow the progression knee osteoarthritis, a new study has revealed. Osteoarthritis, or OA as it is commonly called, is the most common joint disease affecting middle age and older people. The researchers divided participants evenly into two groups. The first group was assigned to take placebo, […] Continue reading Vitamin D ”doesn”t help knee osteoarthritis sufferers”

“I never thought I would make it to this marathon,” Pena told a packed press conference after arriving in New York ahead of the big race. “I wanted to show that yes, you can.”Pena’s determination to k Continue reading Chile miner to run NY Marathon despite bad knee

Well kids, another week has flown by, bringing us one step closer to the eternal nothinginess that awaits at death’s door. So let’s look back and… Continue reading Soup Top 5: Kendall Jenner Knee Slapper—Join the Fun!