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With his wizarding days over and his spotlight on Broadway still shining bright, Daniel Radcliffe is now trying his hand at the world of horror. We still don’t know much about ‘The Woman in Black,’ but after viewing the latest teaser trailer from Yahoo! Movies, the chills it sent up our back were more than enough to get us excited.

Based on the… Continue reading Daniel Radcliffe Picked the Wrong Place to House Sit in Latest Teaser for 'The Woman in Black' (VIDEO)

Cover art for Stephen King's 11/22/63It’s shaping up to be a good week for horror author Stephen King. On Wednesday night, news broke that David Yates and Steve Kloves wanted to tackle a multi-film big screen adaptation of his novel The Stand. That was exciting, but now we’ve got even more good news for fright fans: the author’s upcoming novel, 11/22/63

adam-brendon-big-brother-13.jpgIn the “Big Brother 13″ house, we’ve gotten a new Head of Household, had him or her make nominations and now we have a Power of Veto winner. And it’s juicy. Don’t forget to sign up for the live feeds so you can follow along with all this week’s craziness. Warning: SPOILERS.

So Daniele is the new HOH and she nominated Brendon… Continue reading 'Big Brother 13': The latest Power of Veto competition results

Still from Seth Worley's short Plot Device

Seth Worley is living the Hollywood dream. A relative unknown a few weeks ago, the fledgling filmmaker is now the talk of the town thanks to his short film/product promo Plot Device. The micro film has industry execs so excited that Worley is set to head to Tinseltown to meet with agents and producers. Not bad for a guy… Continue reading Watch: 'Plot Device' is the Latest Short Film to Buzz Around Hollywood

For a while there it seemed like we couldn’t blink twice without getting word of yet another poster for ‘Captain America: The First Avenger.’ Whether he’s standing in front of gray stuff, craning his neck at a 90-degree angle or punching out Hitler, Cap just can’t seem to get away from the cameras these days. We blame that Chris Evans and his pretty face. And while we’re not quite sure… Continue reading The Latest 'Captain America' Poster Is Really Digging Those Stars and Stripes